Want your horse to be a partner that is calm, attentive, responsive, and eager?

Want your horse to move in a relaxed, energized, and balanced way and enjoy the process of getting there?

Want your horse to be more supple, straight, and engaged?

Feel like something is missing?

The Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena is a transformational learning experience that empowers you in everything from partnership to piaffe.

There are three steps on your journey towards a Lifetime Of Results In Harmony


Course 1
Habits For Excellent
The perfect place to start


Course 2
Healthy Biomechanics:
Finding The Sweet Spot
The Next Step.*


Course 3
The Upward Spiral
of Successful Gymnastics
ONLY for Sweet Spot graduates

*Course 1 is recommended but not required. Students with a strong natural horsemanship background can start in course 2.

What students are saying:

Being a student in the Virtual Arena is like knowing your instructor totally believes in you and helps you learn everything along the way. You get to go to class when you want, study the material when you want and practice at any time of day or night – all at your own pace.

How it works:

The course is set up like an online university course, with modules, videos, worksheets, and audio lessons. It’s more than just a bunch of information. Everything is delivered in an order and format that is structured to give you maximum results. I will guide you through the system and set you up for success.

There are varying levels of additional support for each course, including live Q&A sessions with Karen, video coaching, and a closed Facebook group – click on each course to find out the details.

Here’s your training plan:


This course immerses you in 9 Habits that make the difference between being a horseman, or just a person with a horse. This is for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Karen demonstrates how you can use everyday, ordinary moments with your horse to build the most extraordinary partnership. This is for you if you want a horse that is Calm, Attentive, Responsive, and Eager but you also want to have time to move beyond foundation.

SS Course 2

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This course is where we focus on improving the way your horse moves, and shows you how to create a harmonious connection with him. Novice to advanced riders will learn Karen’s system for creating healthy biomechanics in partnership with the horse. This is for you if you want a horse who is relaxed, energized, balanced, and free in his stretched and working gaits. Registration opens in March and September. The Habits For Excellent Horsemanship is highly recommended but not required before taking this course.

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This course dives deep into the theory and practice of gymnastic exercises. This is for graduates of the Sweet Spot course and is where you learn how to use exercises for Flexibility, Mobility, and Collectibility to create greater suppleness, straightness, and carrying power. This course teaches you the 6 Essential Gymnastic Abilities that every horse and rider need in order to do dressage successfully. You will learn how to make training plans specific to your horse. This is for you if you want to advance as far as you can while still preserving the partnership!

USS Course 3


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