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Find the Sweet Spot

'Finding The Sweet Spot Of Healthy Biomechanics' is a system
that has helped hundreds of riders and horses, at all different levels, from
around the world, become more relaxed, energized,  balanced, and free!

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What Dressage, Naturally students are saying...

The Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena lit up so many of the dull light bulbs that have been ticking away in my brain. I had at least one million eureka moments and my horses have made such huge progress! I feel more capable, more willing to experiment, more knowledgeable and 100% happier in my horsemanship. It has been just wonderful, thank you Karen and everyone who made is possible 🙂 .

– Hannah Parret

If you would like an instructor who is knowledgeable, patient, kind and understanding; who takes you from the most basic level of horsemanship and leads you — systematically and progressively — to a calm and confident level of horsemanship, you would love this course. It’s like Karen is holding your hand for 6 months while you slowly turn into a real horseman and your horse turns into the best horse he/she can be. .

– Catherine Bender

I believe I FINALLY really understand what healthy biomechanics are and how to help my horse and I find our Sweet Spot! The agility and flexibility of my horse has improved ten fold. My understanding of how to help him become more agile and flexible has improved 100 fold. .

– Deb DeShais

Relaxation I thought I had has gone to new levels ??? and I am totally, as we say in Aussie, ‘gobsmacked’ and so darn grateful for this information… ‘yessss moments’ are now more ‘expressive’ ??? and I am so thankful for all the work taken to put this incredible course together. It was like having you, Karen, as my personal home trainer! Help was always available as needed, there is great coaching and tech support backing up this course. My horse truly enjoys my company in dressage, we can dance as one. .

– Maree

No matter what stage you are at in your own personal journey, the information in each module is all there to help and guide you through. Even if you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information, there is no pressure. It is your own journey, and there is time to absorb, and go back and forth in the modules at your own pace. There is no judgement or criticisms. It is pure learning at your own pace, but with continual support and encouragement. I have gained far more confidence and trust in my own ability. My horse and I are more of a unit and seem to blend together more in a better partnership. I am far more aware of the importance of healthy biomechanics and now have more knowledge on diagnosing and deciding what needs to be worked on to improve. .

– Kathleen

My horse’s balance and biomechanics has improved tremendously. She is more connected to me not just while riding or when OL but even just around the barn. We are both calmer, more confident, and better listeners for each other. I know it sounds weird that I am taking an OL course but it is very structured and there is a lot of support with the Q&A sessions, private FB group, and Virtual Arena material. It has been very effective in improving my horse’s biomechanics, my communication with her, and my overall horsemanship. .

– Alison

I loved this course! It provided me an opportunity to progress in my horsemanship along a path that was easy to follow, constantly stimulating and full of information, in a supportive and positive atmosphere. It was fun and very satisfying for both me and my horse! Now I am more empowered to affect the posture and emotional stability of my horse in a positive way. I have knowledge of what my horse needs and of what I can do to provide the opportunity for her to succeed. .

– Deb W.

For someone coming from the more traditional dressage training, I think I would say it is freeing. The course helps one to “trust your own instincts” and have fun while progressing at your own pace. .

– Janice

As a horsemanship enthusiast for well over 20 years I must admit that I have experienced the best of trainers in my progress to date. This course fills the gap I was experiencing with the western horsemanship training, marrying it well and truly into the bridled dressage training which I was yearning for. .

– Maree

Don’t be afraid of the distance, the format…you will have the feeling that Karen, coaches and peers are right there, sitting next to you.

– Christina

Forget what you think you know about natural horsemanship and dressage and keep your mind open to other possibilities of what you can experience in your relationship with your horse. You will change for the better and allow your horse to show you all the things he wants to offer you. .

– Carol R.

I was able to take a horse that wasn’t able to be ridden due to tension and past abuse, and now she is soft, pleasant and trustworthy. [The D,N Virtual Arena] is life changing and opened up a whole new way of communicating with my horse. I now enjoy my horse, and she enjoys me, and my life in general. I am no longer stuck. .

– Priscilla Portenier

Being a student in the Virtual Arena is like knowing your instructor totally believes in you and helps you learn everything along the way. You get to go to class when you want, study the material when you want and practice at any time of day or night – all at your own pace. It’s perfect! .

– Dressage, Naturally Virtual Arena Student

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