$500 for USS or $800 for SS + USS

The Maximum Engagement Group Includes:

  • Another 6 months of live calls with Karen
  • Recordings of live calls with Karen
  • Access to Reduced Price Coaching
I like this option!

“Artful dressage is sharing a dance with your horse…
that neither of you can do alone.”

After you graduate our courses, we will continue to support you!

Even though you now have LIFETIME ACCESS to all course materials, you know how amazing it was to be able to connect with Karen and her coaches. Most of us need some help staying accountable, inspired, and motivated.

By joining us in the Maximum Engagement Group you will be able to get YOUR questions answered by Karen. You will be able to learn from other student’s questions, and can keep the recordings forever. Having the information is only one part of the puzzle. Being continually supported while you put it into practice is pure gold!

How can we best help YOU?

Upward Spiral of Successful GymnasticsAt any time you can purchase another 6 months of live support in the MAXIMUM ENGAGEMENT GROUP for the Upward Spiral course OR BOTH the Sweet Spot and Upward Spiral courses, and immediately jump in on the live biweekly calls with Karen and get access to at least 6 months of recordings.




DO IT!… Karen takes you stage by stage so although there is a lot of information it is not overwhelming.

DO IT!… if you wish to develop your horse athletically, if you want to be a better rider, if you want to develop correct biomechanical movement and strength in your horse so that he should stay sounder for longer,

and DO IT!… if you have any interest in “dressage” either for your own fun or for competitive goals.

- Jane Vapenik